New Pilot is a 4 piece indie/alternative band hailing from just outside of Boston, MA. They recently released their fourth studio album “The Great American Tooth” and will be traveling all over the northeast in 2015 to support the new record.

Since New Pilot formed in 2006, the lineup has changed a few times but original members Sean McKinstry and Kevin Outland continue to move the band forward and grow New Pilot’s footprint and fan base all over New England. The band’s passion for performing live and bringing their music to the stage has always been the driving force behind the band says guitarist Kevin Outland. “We love recording albums and putting them out there for our fans to listen to, but the real magic happens on stage where everything is on the edge of chaos. We do a lot of improvisation on stage to keep the songs fresh and each show a unique experience.”

Over the years, the band has had the pleasure of performing with Marcy’s Playground, Sponge, Third Eye Blind, Blessid Union of Souls, The Wailers, and many other national touring acts. After covering the band in 2012, Josh Lyford of Worcester Magazine said “… New Pilot has a great chance of reaching the upper echelon of the wandering indie elite and it seems to have the drive to do just that.” In 2015 New Pilot was nominated for 7 Worcester Music Awards including Best Rock Act, Best Live Show, and Best New Album.

Their latest record “The Great American tooth” was recorded and produced by bassist Matt Soper in his home studio. Although the individual tracks fall into a bunch of different genres including 90’s grunge, reggae, folk, and even surf rock, the overall sound is much more homogeneous than the first few records.
When talking about this new direction for the band, co-frontman Sean Mckinstry said “We just feel like our music finally has a clear focus as our songwriting continues to grow”.

Bass/Guitar/Vocals: Matt Soper
Guitar/Vocals: Sean McKinstry
Lead Guitar: Kevin Outland
Drums/Percussion: Justin Beauregard